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Is your heat pump ready for winter?

11 Jun 2021 Residential Heat Pumps Air Conditioning


Winter has now arrived and homeowners in Tasmania will be eager to get their homes ready to handle the colder weather. While there are many items to put on your checklist, your heat pump should feature at the very top of your agenda.

If you’re considering the prospect of adding a heat pump to your home, our guide should give you a clearer understanding of their benefits and functions. But what if you already own a home heat pump and need to confirm that it’s ready to deliver a reliable service all winter long? Here’s all you need to know.

Clean your heat pump’s filters

Unlike conventional heating systems, heat pumps function by harvesting and transporting heat rather than generating it. As such, the vast majority of problems with wintertime heating can be attributed to blockages, caused by dirty filters within the systems.

As a rule of thumb, the heat pump filters should be cleaned monthly if used regularly. A quick visual inspection will help determine whether dust and dirt are present. The process can be completed with ease by following these steps;

● Turn the heater off  and open the filter cover

● Lift the filter out by using the tabs on the filters

● Suck the dust and dirt up with a vacuum , using a fabric head

● Use the vacuum to carefully clean the heat pump behind the filters sit.

● Insert the filters back in the heater and then turn back on.

Do this regularly to help maintain optimal efficiency while also removing the threat of poor air quality and contamination.

Check the  air vents on ducted systems

On ducted systems you must pay  attention to the heat pump’s air vents. If the vents are blocked or damaged, it may become harder for heat or cooling to be transported and distributed throughout the room the vent is located. In turn, you may experience the following;

● The home doesn't heat or cool to a suitable level

● Your energy bills may increase due to poor efficiency.

● The air quality may reduce.

● Heat distribution may not be even, leading to hot and cold spots.

● The heat pump may cut out at critical times.

Furthermore, untreated issues will naturally escalate over time. So, it is essential that you clean  the air vents for the busier winter season.

Get a professional maintenance service

Prevention is the best form of protection, and early intervention is a close second. If you’re worried about the performance of the heat pump, booking a professional maintenance service is the key to getting your systems back to their best in no time. 

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