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Put an end to rising energy costs, Degree C’s solar specialists can tailor a system to your needs and help reduce your bills and save you money for years to come.


A grid-connect solar system powers your household with electricity generated from the sun.

Our solar specialists will visit your home and conduct a thorough inspection to find the most efficient spot to install your system. They will also review your bills, looking at how much energy you use and when you use it the most.

Your solar system is tailored to your home and habits. To optimise your savings, your system needs to be correctly sized for your use. Based on your bills, energy consumption and average weather in your area, we calculate your savings and the outputs expected to be made from your new solar system.

Your new investment is installed by our team of qualified, Clean Energy Council Accredited installers. The whole process – from first contact, right through to installation – is handled by our local team in Tasmania.


There have been huge advances made in energy storage technology in recent years and it is now highly effective and economical to integrate battery storage into existing solar systems.

And it can reduce energy bills even more. The batteries store the power generated during the day, to be used at night, further reducing your reliance on the electricity grid.

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