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What to consider when buying an air conditioner

26 Apr 2021 Residential Heat Pumps Air Conditioning


If you are interested in buying an air conditioner, you may be overwhelmed by the different choices that are available. This is why it makes sense to enlist the services of an experienced air conditioner company that can assess the size of your room, understand your budget, and make recommendations on the best system for your home. However, it does help to have an understanding of what you should consider when selecting an air conditioning system.

How big is the room and what is inside of it?

Not all air conditioners are going to work effectively in all rooms. Therefore, it is imperative to select one that is right for the size of the room in question. You also need to think about how you use the room, including how many appliances or devices are generating more heat in the room.

What type of air conditioning unit do you require?

Air conditioning units today come with a whole host of different features, so this is
something else you will need to consider. Some of the most popular features include the

● Sleep mode - This is perfect for those who wake up during the night because they get too hot!

● Adjustable thermostat - Find the most comfortable temperature and your air conditioner will work to maintain this.

● Timer - You can reduce energy costs by programming your air conditioner to turn on and off automatically at different times.

● Mode settings - A lot of air conditioners have various mode settings so you can heat, fan, dehumidify, or cool.

How powerful do you need the unit to be?

You also need to consider how powerful the unit should be. The higher the rating, the larger the room the unit can cool. As a typical rule, the air conditioner requires a minimum of 80 watts of power for every square metre within the room. Two kW values are used if you opt for a reverse cycle air conditioner, and this is something our experts will discuss with you in full.

So there you have it: an insight into some of the different factors that need to be considered when choosing an air conditioning unit. When we visit your home, we will consider all of the factors mentioned above and more. We will then go away and prepare several quotes for you so that you have full control over the final decision. You can purchase when you are ready, and you are under no obligation to continue with your purchase.

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