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How to Look After Your Multi Split Systems

18 Oct 2021 Residential Heat Pumps Air Conditioning


Whether you have a commercial system or a residential one, looking after your multi split system is vital. You can make sure your multi split system will go the distance with some simple maintenance. Here are a few things you can do to keep it in top condition.

Keep the Outside Clean

To work efficiently, your system needs proper airflow. Without airflow, it will have to work harder to cool or heat your home, resulting in higher energy bills. Make sure to keep the outside unit free from any dirt and debris.  Don’t put anything in front of the unit, like bins and avoid having gardens directly in front as well.

Check the Filters

A dirty filter makes heating or cooling your home more difficult. Checking, cleaning and, if needed, replacing the filters on a regular basis is key to keeping your system operating optimally.

Give the Indoor Unit Adequate Space

It pays to try to keep the space around your indoor units as clear as possible. If your units are surrounded by furniture and other items that can gather dust, that dust can make its way into the system. Giving your system 1 metre of clear space can help cut down on the amount of dust that can get into the unit.

Contact the Specialists When You Have Any Doubts

When it comes to adequate maintenance of your multi split system, the best approach is to leave it to the professionals.

Call Degree C  for inspections and maintenance services if you’re having doubts about the efficiency of your system. We can keep your multi split system running effectively and help you avoid any costly repairs.

Ensuring your multi split system is in good working order is crucial to the comfort of you and your family.