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Sulphur Creek, TAS

Costa Group packing and distribution centre upgrade: New refrigeration systems keeping berries cool.

In December 2016 Degree C installed three separate direct expansion (DX) refrigeration systems in the second modified atmosphere (MA) in addition to the four refrigeration systems that were already installed some years ago.

In May the installation of the chilled glycol systems started. One system takes care of the packing room and the blueberry pre-cooling room refrigeration, and another system looks after the FAC (forced air cooling rooms)

Once the warm berries come in after picking, they get stored temporarily in the buffer storage room. The berries then go into one of the five FAC rooms, where a custom designed buffer and tarp system covers the pallets. Large fans combined with custom built cooling coils evenly distribute the air through the berries to cool them fast. Once cooled, the berries go to the holding rooms and await dispatch.

Degree C also installed three coolers in the blueberry pre-cooling room. Combined with 10 fan cubicles this offers 20 pallet spaces for the fast chilling of blueberries.

The chillers outside the building were sourced from Climaveneta. An Italian manufacturer with quality industrial equipment. The chillers, paired with two glycol buffer tanks and four pumps, form the refrigeration plant of the facility.

The overall project was a great team effort between three Ulverstone divisions. Most of the work was carried out by Degree C’s fabrication division, installing approximately 540 meters of stainless tube and insulation in various sizes. Fabrication also took care of the installation of the plant, tanks, pumps, cooler and FAC equipment. Our refrigeration mechanics re-located 7 DX coolers from the existing facility to the new facility, and installed approximately 350 meters of copper pipe and insulation. Our electricians installed kilometers of cable, and seven custom-built control panels.

Degree C has just finished the commissioning of the project. Well in time for the start of the berry season. Let the berries come and be cold!