High-quality solar hot water systems in Tasmania

Solar Hot Water Systems

Save up to 80% of your annual hot water costs with a solar hot water system from Degree C. We have extended our range of energy-saving heating products to include Apricus solar hot water systems.

Take advantage of the federal government $1,000 rebate (conditions apply) and the discount value of the Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) generated by the installation of our environmentally-friendly solar hot water systems.

In keeping with our commitment to providing superior products to our customers, the Degree C team have conducted extensive research into the best solar hot water systems available. We have identified and sourced the very best brands and designs to suit our southern climate, and can recommend these to our savvy clients.

Large Apricus solar water heater installed outside


The Apricus evacuated tube solar collectors are among the most efficient designs on the market today. Their highlights include:

 - Lightly weighted on rooftops
- Function well even in low sunlight
- Systems have a life expectancy 2-3 times longer than conventional heaters
- Silent
- Safe
- They look great!

The Apricus systems are also brilliantly suited to commercial and industrial water heating applications.

Expert advice and installations

For advice on the right product for your home and needs, call the Degree C team to arrange a visit from one of our trained consultants. Or if you’d like to see our range of solar hot water systems in person, drop into one of our showrooms today. We can discuss and arrange for a complete installation by our qualified tradespeople, or if you’d rather, you can use your own installer.

Energy costs are likely to significantly increase in the near future. Take advantage of the existing government incentives and also to join the huge number of Tasmanians who are doing what they can to reduce their environmental impact by using solar hot water systems.


At Degree C, we have put a lot of time and effort into researching the many different brands and solar products on the market to find the most efficient for the Tasmanian climate, and most environmentally friendly items available. Through our extensive research, we have identified and sourced the brands and designs of solar products we know will work best, and we exclusively stock these items.

Apricus solar water heater in showroom
Apricus logo
Large Apricus solar water heater installed outside

Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

The Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are among the most efficient designs on the market today.

They are lightweight, work well in low sunlight, and the systems have a life expectancy two to three times longer than conventional heaters.


Apricus is committed to producing solar products that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help educate people on how everyone can help reduce the negative impact of climate change.


Apricus solar hot water is the only distributor of solar hot water systems with evacuated tube technology on the Australian market that owns its own manufacturing facility.

A team of dedicated in-house engineers at Apricus work tirelessly on creating innovative solar product designs. Their efforts have resulted in the supply of solar hot water products to over 30 countries around the world.

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