Total refrigeration solutions in Tasmania

Project Case Study - Pandani Select Foods

Based in the country town of Somerset near Burnie, Pandani Select Foods has been providing new job opportunities in northwest Tasmania as its operations expand to encompass new product lines. The purchase of specialised machinery to enable the processing of premium meat products has added greatly to this growth and, subsequently, prosperity within the local community.

Degree C Refrigeration Services was awarded the contract to supply and install new refrigeration equipment and piping, with assistance provided by the Electrical Services team who undertook the commissioning.

State Refrigeration Engineer, Brett Mountney explained that selecting precisely the right equipment for their clients' current and future needs was crucial to enabling them to realise and sustain their production targets.

"First, we installed a rack of four industrial compressors and seven evaporators to provide air conditioning in the meat preparation areas. Then we installed a 'Blast Chiller Room' capable of rapidly chilling the meat products so that the colours, textures, flavours and nutrients are locked in for the consumer to enjoy."

"Next, with energy efficiency a key concern for manufacturers like Pandani, we incorporated a water-cooled condenser to cool the hot refrigerant gases and recover the excess heat as free hot water for the factory. Heat is a by-product of the refrigeration process, so it makes sense to use it wherever possible."

Refrigeration equipment
A set of evaporative condensers and an ice machine capable of producing more than a tonne of flaked ice per day, round out the state of the art equipment installed by Degree C for Pandani Select Foods. Controlled by a complex web of sensors and valves, the new equipment will ensure continuity of production and will generate significant savings on the running costs of the factory for many years
to come.
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