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Carrot processing plant

Project Case Study - Carrot Processing Line

Our electrical services team works within a very broad scope. One day, we will be called upon to commission a new piece of equipment; the next day, it’s wiring up a residential heat pump in a customer's front room.

A highlight of our work in recent years was the commissioning of a massive carrot processing line that was relocated from Renmark in South Australia to Forth in Tasmania's northwest. Electrical Services Manager, Wayne Hobson, remembers the project as a demonstration of his team's capability and a testament to the cooperation that takes place between different teams within Degree C.

"The carrot line was decommissioned in Renmark so that it could be disassembled and loaded piece by piece onto 18 semi-trailers," he recalls. "Once it had been safely transported across Bass Strait, our colleagues in Fabrication Services set about installing it in its new home - a busy and highly profitable vegetable processing facility.

“The highlight for my team was the electrical recommissioning of the line; its complex control systems and extensive wiring all neatly in place and ready to go.

"We always approach the testing of new or refurbished equipment in a methodical and diligent manner, because electrical equipment demands a focus on safety, and our clients deserve the peace of mind that comes from a job well done.

"The systematic approach taken by Electrical Services paid off with the carrot processing line springing into life and able to be put immediately to work by the client.”

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